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    Best Ice Cream in Weston, MA 02493

    Ice Cream in Weston

    If you live in or are visiting Weston, Massachusetts and you are looking for the best place to get ice cream, you may not find yourself with a plethora of choices. But have no fear, for the choice you do have is a spectacular one! Cedar Hill Dairy Joy, AKA Dairy Joy, has been serving up ice cream and summertime food “old school” style since 1961 and is still run by the same family who founded it. Here are just a few of the reasons you simply must give this iconic seasonal ice cream shop a try.

    • The Soft Serve Ice Cream – Who doesn’t love a creamy, smooth ice cream cone, perhaps dipped in a hard, chocolate shell or topped with gobs of sprinkles? It is a nostalgic childhood treat we all crave and the oversized, delicious portions of ice cream here are not to be missed. Want an unusual combination of flavors? Try their unique javaberry flavor which was accidentally created when they mixed coffee and raspberry ice cream together. An old-fashioned banana split topped with fresh whipped cream and a couple of spoons for sharing is not a bad idea either.

    • Sorbets and Sherbets – Have someone in your group who does not prefer Ice cream? Dairy Joy also offers a variety of sorbets, sherbets, and even some dairy free or sugar free ice cream options.

    • Raspberry Lime Rickey – A New England thirst quencher favorite, this fruity and fizzy drink made with seltzer is another great option when visiting

    • The Grill and Seafood Shack – If you come for a meal, you will be delighted to find that the grill and seafood offerings are on par quality wise with their famous ice cream. Old fashioned, New England classics like lobster rolls, fried clams and fish and chips are available as well as burgers, dogs, organic salads, paninis, and much more.

    • The Setting– Driving up to the unassuming building with the classic “Dairy Joy” sign, you will feel like you have stepped back in time. With picnic tables and a walk up to order window, these are the classic makings of an old-fashioned seafood shack and ice cream stand and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

    There are a few things points to note if you are contemplating a visit to Dairy Joy. First, they are a cash only business so plan accordingly and bring plenty of dollar bills, as you will not be disappointed. Secondly, they are a seasonal business, so make sure you check to make sure they are open. In general, late Spring through early Fall are the months you will find them open for business. Whether you come to Dairy Joy for the ice cream, for the ambiance, for the nostalgia, or for the food, chances are that you will want to make this treasured establishment in Weston a regular, seasonal destination. For more information on living in Weston, Ma go to http://theshulkinwilkgroup.com.

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