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    Schools in Wellesley

    Public schools in Wellesley are managed by Wellesley Public Schools, one of the best public school districts in Massachusetts. The following academic institutions are some of WPS’s schools that cater to elementary grade students.

    John D. Hardy Elementary School

    Located in the Fells neighborhood, Hardy Elementary was constructed in the early 1920s and served as the first modern schoolhouse in the area. In its early years, the school was simply known as the Fells School, but it was later renamed to John D. Hardy one year after its opening in honor of a prominent Town office who served in the building committee of the schoolhouse.

    Hardy Elementary offers comprehensive courses in core subjects, plus visual arts, language arts, technology, and fitness and health.

    Sprague Elementary School

    Built in 1924 and named after Isaac Sprague, one of Wellesley’s developers and first Town officials, Sprague Elementary largely caters to students from Central Wellesley. Located in School Street, Sprague was temporarily closed in 1975 to undergo renovation and some additions. It was reopened in 2002. Sprague was instrumental in the overall design of some of Wellesley’s key buildings, including the Central Street fire station and the Sprague Memorial Clock Tower.

    Aside from courses in core subjects, Sprague offers a variety of services to cater to its growing student population.

    Horatio H. Hunnewell Elementary School

    One of the most interesting things about Hunnewell is that it’s the third school in Wellesley that bears that name. The first one was built in 1870 in honor of Horatio Hollis Hunnewell, a benefactor. The Hunnewell School we know today was built in 1938 and is located on Cameron Street. Hunnewell largely serves the student population from the southwestern portion of Wellesley.

    Katherine Lee Bates Elementary School

    Constructed in 1954, Bates Elementary is one of the schools located in the neighborhood of the Fells. It was named after Katharine Lee Bates, one of the most famous residents in Wellesley who served as a professor of English at Wellesley College from 1889 to 1925. Back in 2003, Bates Elementary underwent a massive renovation. Today, it’s one of the top-rated schools in all of Wellesley.

    Joseph E. Fiske Elementary School

    Located on Hastings Street, Fiske Elementary largely serves students from the southern and southeastern portions of town, particularly those from the neighborhood of Country Club and its surrounding areas. Fiske Elementary was built in 1954 and was originally located on Cedar Street. The school was named after Capt. Joseph Emery Fiske, who fought in the Civil War and served as one of the leaders who fought for the separation of Wellesley from Needham back in the late 19th century.

    Ernest F. Upham Elementary School

    Students from the Cliff Estates and nearby areas are largely served by Upham Elementary, located in Wynnewood Road. Among the seven elementary schools in town, Upham is reported to have the smallest enrollment. Upham Elementary was named in honor of Ernest F. Upham, who served as a history teacher in the top-performing Wellesley High School. He passed away just before the school was completed in 1957.

    Otho L. Schofield Elementary School

    Located in Cedar Street, Schofield Elementary was named after Dr. Otho L. Schofield, a prominent physician in town during the early 20th century. Schofield Elementary largely serves students from northeastern neighborhoods such as Lower Falls, Wellesley Farms, and Poets Corner.

    Want to know more about the educational opportunities in Wellesley? Contact Traci Shulkin today at 617-939-6309 or send her a message at traci.shulkin@compass.com.

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