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    Zoe & Adam, Wayland

    Lori and Jared did a good job from the start assessing our wants and guiding us to houses that fit. When we met Jared we had already been working with two other brokers for about 8 months and had come up empty. So he made it happen when others didn’t, and I think it directly correlates with the effort he put in.I also want to thank Lori for all the time she put into this, we would not have found this house without her… literally. We were getting the daily MLS emails with houses that fit our criteria, but for some reason our house wasn’t listed in the MLS email. Lori was simultaneously sending us a curated list of houses that got closer and closer to a perfect fit as we provided feedback along the way. And then once we did have an accepted offer, Lori was very helpful with organizing contractor visits, providing lists of move-in to-do’s, and then finally she gave us a tour of our town that took us from ‘happy’ about the move to genuinely excited.
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