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    What to do on a Snowy Day in Needham, MA 02492

    If you live in New England, embracing the snowy climate and finding ways to enjoy a little frolicking outdoors in the heart of winter makes life a lot more fun. Here are some ways you can enjoy a snowy day in the town of Needham.

    What to do on a Snowy Day in Needham

    • Sledding – All you need is a little vertical in order to have a lot of fun! Memorial Field is perhaps the most popular spot for sledding and offers about a 250-foot run on a wide-open hill suitable for all ages. It is located adjacent to the high school and there is parking. Though a wonderful snowy day activity, sledding if not done safely can cause injury. Please follow these important guidelines put out by the Needham Department of Parks and Recreation. First, check the area first to make sure there are no hazards, including trees, rocks, and “man-made” jumps.  Sledders should dress properly, protecting hands, feet and face from cold weather. Use sleds with a method of control, and check before use. Sled with at least one other person. Do not sled on ice. Keep head at back of sled and helmets are recommended.

    • Cross country skiing and snowshoeing – If you are into the beauty as well as excellent workout of cross-country skiing or snowshoeing, head out to one of Needham’s conservation areas and access the various trails that on snowy days transform from hiking and biking paths to perfect snowshoeing or cross county trails. Cutler Park at 84 Kendrick Street, features a nice fairly flat 1.5-mile loop around Kendrick Pond. Charles River Peninsula in Needham, operated by the Trustees of the Reservation is another nature filled setting that serves as a perfect backdrop for cross country skiing and snowshoeing enthusiasts.

    • Ice skating – The town of Needham has six designated locations for outdoor ice skating including Horsford, Farley, Rosemary Lake, Reservoir, Sportsman’s and Walker- Gordon. More information can be found on each location on the town webpage. In all locations, follow the towns sensible rules which include skating always with at least another person, making sure there is at least 6 inches or more of ice thickness, and always skate in a well-lit area.

    Whatever your idea of snowy day fun might be, the town of Needham has got you covered. For more information on living in Needham, Ma go to http://theshulkinwilkgroup.com.

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